File Size Description MD5sum 21.1 GB Fasta-formatted AA sequences, all organisms, all genes dfc38a13a3c40ea629b84066dd6ebe50 20.6 GB Fasta-formatted AA sequences, all organisms, all genes present in OGs 1bc99541b3b4af71b7bf076712585282 15.6 kB NCBI taxonomy nodes (levels) where orthologous groups (OGs) are calculated 0c00c375f8fc89f3648c6e0988da6880 0.7 MB Ortho DB organism ids based on NCBI taxonomy ids (mostly species level) 278ff72cc0e8a371c3d941af7ded055a 213.6 kB correspondence between level ids and organism ids 238d82e232c4c6992bf88e14f310d808 1.8 GB Ortho DB genes with some info 00bea4e5c93a48503d26aae25cca26c0 2.8 GB xrefs associated with Ortho DB gene 4f0ae7c3b7c8c6fb2f53aff910bd9cba 109.6 MB Ortho DB orthologous groups da628e8b7e1cc1cab844f9918e53f60d 3.0 GB OGs to genes correspondence 5abb1ea21689f003cf8babe6917d28b8 262.7 MB OG associations with GO, COG and InterPro ids 8f01a929dbe2ea9b6ec31c3eaff42e48 67.9 MB OG parent-child (ancestral) associations 23276b720ddef69eb445a8b169a31e5a
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